The Principal

Principal Architect: Ar. Khalid Haji Sirat


  • Member of Board of Architects, Professional Engineers and Quantity Surveyor (BAPEQS): 2018-2021

  • Chairman of ASEAN Architect Council

  • Chairman for Brunei ASEAN Monitoring Committee for Architectural Services

  • Chairman for BAPEQS Sub Committee for Architect International Affair Committee

  • Chairman for BAPEQS Sub Committee for Architect Qualification and Education

  • Council Member for PUJA (B) 2016/17, 2018/19


  • 1989-1993: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Post Graduate Diploma (University of East London). Award: A commendation from the British Steel Student Award for having the highest standard of design.

  • 2001: Corporate membership with Royal Institute of British Architect (RIBA).

  • 2008: The corporate member of Persatuan Ukur Jurutera & Arkitek (PUJA)

  • 1994-2011: Work at Architect Section, Department of Technical Services, Public Works Department, Ministry of Development  

Through out his working experience for 17 years in public sector, he has obtained vast experience on project implementation including feasibility studies, designs, contract documentations, tender, tender assessment, construction to completion, site inspection and contract administration.

With his practicing experience as a full Chartered Architect since 2001 together with his significant skill level in project management skill, he was entrusted to handle varieties type of project: from being simple to highly technical buildings, prestigious and complex buildings, urgent projects as well as non technical project.  

The Company

KHA Arkitek is a sole proprietor architectural firm. It was launched with full operational on 11th November 2011. The services provided are:

  • Architectural service,

  • Interior design,

  • Master planning,  

  • Project management,

  • Technical services.

KHA Arkitek is equipped with several specialised software for the purpose of designing, design analysis, presentation, contract documentation and project management. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is  initiated in KHA Arkitek since the operation started. It is one of the latest system that will support many implementation aspects in construction industry.

KHA Arkitek is structured to several component namely the principal who will be controlling the overall process of production. He will be supported by design team which consists of an Architects, Architectural Assistants and technical staffs.

The Philosophy

KHA Arkitek design philosophy is "SOPHISTICATED SIMPLE". Every aspect of design is sophisticated because of its complexity and various of technical requirements to provide and fulfill function, aesthetic, technical, quality, rules, liability etc. However, along side with it, the production of design shall be simple so that it will be concise, easy to built, easy to manage, easy to maintain, practical, sustainable, safe & conducive to live in and fore most must be friendly to the environment. Kha arkitek is committed to be the premiere innovative architectural design firm in Brunei Darussalam. The design process shall always include precedents and analysis.

KHA Arkitek believes learning processes are invaluable source of inspiration and solution to future undertakings. Here we need to provide the best for our client by listening well and asking the right questions especially to those who wish to create sustainable environments while supporting and enhancing the neighborhoods and the lifestyles of those that use the spaces. 

This initiative can be achieved through the establishment of quality management system.  Ultimately, such initiative will promote continuous improvements for Kha Arkitek and to ensure the services provided will be at high standard, competitive and customer orientated.